Women’s Guided Group Camino

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Women’s Guided Group Camino

The decision was made… I am going to walk Camino de Santiago alone. My girlfriends, while fascinated and happy for me, expressed their fears about doing something so unfamiliar. Particularly, the fact that I was going alone. The response I repeatedly heard was

I would love to walk Camino BUT…

While walking my Camino I had daydreams and night dreams with a repeated theme of running Women’s Groups on Camino. After completing my Camino I went about building Crossroads Travel. My dream was to support Women to experience the healing Energy and Spirit of Camino de Santiago, and ultimately, for them to move towards being more empowered to live lives full of courage and adventure. My dream is now a reality.

With #hercamino-Women’s Guided Group Camino.

Let’s squash some of the BUTS
I am not courageous like you.

Courage does not come naturally. Know that your monkey mind has no idea of what you are capable of. Challenge all of the CAN”TS and tame the monkey to live courageously. WE CAN we always could… it just takes the first step. Feel the fear, trust your intuition, and do it regardless. Being in the support of a Women’s Group is a step toward developing personal courage.

What if I get lost?

Statistically more could happen to you staying at home. Moreso if you never venture out you will never know what you are capable of. The absolute joy when a woman tells me she had no idea how strong and capable she is after walking a Camino ❤️ Being with a Women’s Group is an opportunity to confront your fears… and we will know if you don’t arrive at the end of the day! 😅

Sharing accommodation with strangers.

A myth of the Camino is the need to suffer, a Pilgrimage has nothing to do with witnessing and enduring the daily routines and foibles’ of others. Walking a spiritual path with other Pilgrims from all over the world IS the Pilgrimage. Your Intention for walking and how you walk is yours alone. Sharing a room is a choice. Being in a Women’s Group with your private room is your choice.

I don’t like groups, yet I could not go alone.

Being herded like sheep and given no autonomy over time or needs is what does not work for the Women I have talked to. Travelling alone is not an option… so they go nowhere.

On #hercamino Women’s Guided Group Camino, Our participation as guides is for you to feel free and let go and allow the spirit of Camino to be your ally each day. You are not locked into anything other than getting to your next destination. You are encouraged to walk to your rhythm. The decision to join activities, or not, when to eat and sleep are all yours to make.

Our Women’s Group is about Empowering you, one step at a time.
Buen Camino!


If you resonate with any of these BUTS #hercamino-Women’s Guided Group Camino is for you!  Contact Us to have a conversation, we will support you in realising your dream.


“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.”

 – Christina Pinkola Estes