Why use walking poles?

why use Walking Poles

Why use walking poles?

Often considered essential for long-distance walking, walking poles can be a valuable asset for your Camino. Keeping your arms moving assists you in many ways physically especially working out the top half of your body and stopping your fingers from swelling if your arms are hanging and inactive. Physically the advantages; leaning on poles helps increase your speed, supports your knees, lessens the impact on your legs, and can be very useful to keep your balance when on slippery, uneven surfaces or muddy paths. They are also a welcome companion when descending rocky mountains or pulling yourself up a hill on a difficult day.

Foldable trekking poles

Possibly the best for Camino especially if you are planning to travel with them before or after as some airlines will not allow them on board. If you can’t pack them you will have to have them as an extra check-in item which could incur costs.

How to choose the best walking poles.

Any good outdoor/adventure store will assist you with the correct poles suitable for your height and weight. We recommend trekking poles as the Camino has many varied gradients.

For our groups, we usually carry spare poles and find that they are always used. If you are uncertain and don’t purchase poles you will find options to purchase them along the Camino.

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