The modern day Pilgrim

Camino de Santiago is known today primarily as a Catholic Pilgrimage however it is apparent when you are on the Camino that the religious, cultural and social reasons for the modern day pilgrim are diverse.

There are books written about it, movies portraying it, poems penned and ultimately Pilgrims who have walked it, who will enthusiastically share a tale or two about their experience of walking Camino de Santiago …

Whatever it is calling you to the Camino, there is no time like the present to give yourself permission to embark on a Pilgrimage ….

Share this unique experience with people from all over the world feel the magic of this sacred land where there are no modern day world divisions just a shared path with the daily goal of walking to your next destination.


What is a Pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is often a spiritual journey to a sacred place, a symbol of religious devotion or somewhere that is significant to our heroes, although, it is also a metaphorical journey into someone’s own beliefs. A journey undertaken to seek answers, gain perspective or simply to take refuge from the daily grind to create space for more authentic action in our own lives.


Why Walk Camino de Santiago
  • You crave Adventure with meaning
  • At a “crossroad” after a loss of career, relationship or loved one
  • Want some time and space to free your mind
  • love Culture, History and meeting people
  • You want a physical challenge with significance
  • Feeling a lack of direction or lacklustre in your life
  • looking for answers to your deeper questions
  • An act of religious devotion


Pilgrimage is an archetypical experience, which means it calls people across time and traditions. Whether we make an inward or outward journey, pilgrimage is essentially a series of practices for being fully present to life in the midst of joy and struggle. These practices help to cultivate freedom within to respond to Gods (spirits, Intuitions) calling.

Christine Valters – Painter

Buen Camino!