The call to walk Camino de Santiago.

I have heard stories of those that took the call to walk Camino de Santiago and others waiting for the right time and/or courage to go. After all, it is an 800 km walk across Spain.

My story

Before walking Camino de Santiago no matter what I did, I felt as though I was swimming upstream. I was so invested in the direction I had taken that while understanding the importance of trusting my intuition, I was standing in my way, making myself sick.

Rewind several years

27-years of marriage ended. I was working and living quite comfortably until one day the catalyst to change; the realisation I was a year older than I thought! Selling my home in 2 weeks and giving away most of my possessions I ventured off to live a nomadic life of solo travel.

After several years of travel returning for the birth of my first grandson, then soon after my second grandson arrived. I decided to change direction, found myself a new home and settled down.

New direction

Building on my life skills and business experience, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, Certificate in Shamanic practice and Certificate 4 in training and assessment.

I began connecting with women in the therapeutic field and researching options to set up my new business. I planned to hold one-one Art therapy sessions, workshops and women’s circles, yet nothing felt right. A perpetual nagging within to travel and a “let’s be practical, I am not getting any younger” voice in my head. Fighting an inner fight with myself over what logically made sense, and what my heart was calling me to do.

Call out for help

I asked spirit (call it what fits for you) for guidance. Knowing I had to trust what may come; in a conversation, hearing a song, seeing a sign as a few examples.
I like to ask for answers in my dreams, as I did this time…

I asked for a clear sign, travel or continue on my current path. I made a pact with spirit years ago to follow through on guidance I am given, that night I dreamt I was buying a ticket to Thailand. UGGGH Thailand I was not happy about that, great retreat but could not imagine what on earth I would do there!

Decision made

I gave my landlord 2 weeks notice, booked a retreat in Thailand then purchased some boxes and started packing. Despite the constant mind chatter drilling away about my stupidity, finally, underneath it, I had a sense of calm.

Then the fun began

It was Monday morning my girlfriend who was unaware of my decisions called “I have no idea why but I have the sense that I have to deliver a particular book to you today, I am coming past to drop it off” the book was The Camino by Shirley MacLaine

I had watched the movie “The Way” many years ago. I was touched, however, an 800 km Pilgrimage was not on my radar at all! I walk everywhere when travelling, I find it is a great way to meet people. Yet at home, my walking was limited to the corner store and back.

Can you imagine my surprise, when in a local book store the following Wednesday, I was at the counter waiting to have my purchase wrapped when a woman walked in and asked if they had any books on Camino de Santiago! announcing that finally, she was going to make a dream of hers come true, to walk Camino.

HMM MM I am paying attention

I attended the funeral of my girlfriends’ mother on Friday of that week. The funeral had been delayed so, at the wake, I asked why? “I was in Spain waiting for my partner to finish walking Camino de Santiago!!” I had to hold back the tears as I realised right then I was being called to Camino de Santiago.

Off on another Adventure!

I immediately began researching. It was interesting how the right equipment and support found it’s way to me. Not fully understanding what was ahead of me, off I went.

Camino de Santiago here I come!!!

On reflection

I thought I was a little hasty taking my dream literally, and booking Thailand. Perhaps I could have just gone to Camino? Turns out the retreat prepared me emotionally and physically. The best surprise of all, one of my first customers to do the full Camino was an Australian woman I met at the retreat in Thailand, no mistakes ever.

Walking Camino de Santiago was the most inspiring adventure of my life. Crossroads Travel was born out of a desire to support others to step out of their way and make it possible for everyone to walk Camino de Santiago.

Trust the call when it arrives, Camino de Santiago awaits.

Buen Camino!!