Testimonials of our customers about their travel experience with Crossroads Travel

Doing the Camino is a life-changing event. The singular most spiritual challenge I have undertaken. I highly recommended it to anyone who has thought about it. I made amazing friends and learned a lot about myself. Crossroads Travel made it easy… I knew where I was headed every day and had beautiful accommodation to rest my weary feet at the end of the day!

-Sarah Rake, Sydney

Crossroads Travel organized the most fabulous end-of-Camino trip to Fisterra for our group of 6 last October. I cannot speak highly enough of the service Jennifer and Quim provided. Every detail was thought of, right down to even having an escort to the bus stop to make sure we got onto the right bus. Our accommodation was all fantastic and everything was seamless. Crossroads is awesome and I will certainly book through them next time I’m in Spain. I was so impressed and they made our holiday so easy and enjoyable.

– Margaret Caffyn, Victoria, Australia

I met Jenn in Thailand when she was on her way to walk the Camino for the first time, this is where the ‘seed’ of walking Solo the Full length of Camino de Santiago began for me.
Two years later when I felt the calling, Jenn was the first person I contacted, I had followed her wonderful Camino journey and knew of her Crossroads company. Jenn supported me both throughout the initial planning and execution of my Camino and she was only ever a phone call away if I needed assistance before, during, and after my Camino.

As you become a seasoned ‘Pilgrim’ conversations were shared as to what our accommodation was like etc, I am happy to say that the level of care Crossroads Travel put into the choice of accommodation (which is very important at the end of a long day walking) was excellent!

This same level of care permeated my entire Camino.


-Megan Ward, Byron Bay, Australia

I was lucky enough when the thought of doing Camino de Santiago crossed my mind, to be put in touch with the wonderful Jennifer Lyons of Crossroads Travel.
My experience of the Women’s Camino in September 2018 exceeded all my preconceived expectations.
The personal support and local knowledge provided by Quim and Jennifer were invaluable.
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my Camino, I met some wonderful people that added to my experience and really connected with the group.
The scenery took my breath away daily and meeting the locals and learning about the culture was amazing. Crossroads travel encourages you to do the Camino in an informative and supportive way encouraging your solo journey.

I would love to do the whole Camino or another Camino experience and would not hesitate to call on Crossroads Travel in the future.

– Julie Hunt, Victoria Australia.

I was so glad I chose to use Crossroads Travel for my Camino experience. Knowing that the logistics of accommodation, luggage and transport were taken care of was such a relief and allowed me to really enjoy my walk each day without having to rush to my destination.

Having a group of people on the Camino allowed me to connect on a deeper level and embrace the whole Camino experience, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well connected we all were in the group and how much fun it was to have our group gatherings and share so many amazing memories!

The journey of the Camino opened my heart, and with such a raw experience I was so grateful to have the support of Jenn, Quim and Crossroads Travel.’

– Natali Simonovski. NSW, Australia.

Jenn and Quim treated me like family, they put care and love into what they do. I so appreciated knowing that I could reach out to them for questions in unfamiliar territory. It was such a relief knowing Crossroads Travel had booked the hotel rooms and managed all of the small details, so I could focus on my Camino! The dining experiences were exquisite and food selected, regionally or locally, with such mindfulness.

The Art processes that were woven into the journey were extremely supportive of allowing me to express what I was experiencing and facilitated the small group to become more authentic.

What a pleasure and honour to connect and work with Crossroads Travel for my Camino journey! I would not do it any other way and would highly recommend exploring to see if this is a fit for you!

Big Love and Much Appreciation for Everything Jenn and Quim

–Carey Shaw, California, USA

It wasn’t until I spoke to other people on the Camino that had trouble finding accommodation that I realised how valuable it was to have everything pre-booked and taken care of by Crossroads Travel, especially not knowing what to expect being my first Camino and the first time in Spain. Having Crossroads Travel organise every detail of how far we walked and where we were going to stay each night took all the stress off me, which then allowed me to be in the moment and just enjoy the Camino.
The support I received from Crossroads Travel was outstanding, Jen and Qium were always there if I had any concerns, I really appreciated their local knowledge and was treated to some amazing restaurants and sights along the way. The group dinners were always fun and entertaining and I have made some great new friends.
If you want a hassle-free Camino I would highly recommend using Crossroads Travel.

–Santo Paterno, Melbourne, Australia

Organisation for the trip was smooth and seamless from start to finish.

Communication with Crossroads Travel was open and helpful in preparation for and during the trip
The accommodation was spotless, comfortable and very well located to the Camino always close to restaurants and shops.
Luggage arrived at each next stop on time
Having an English spoken and local Spaniard working together was a bonus to meet all of our needs, made me feel safe yet still allowed me to independently complete my Camino if I desired
Exceeded my expectations
Thank you so much, Jennifer and Quim.

– Roula Sfeir, Sydney, Australia

I undertook the Camino with no expectations – I just wanted to go for a “walk” with my girlfriends, eat good food, drink some good wine and create new experiences
What I “got” from the Camino was an understanding of self… I discovered that I was stronger than I thought I was, I was more resilient than I thought I was, and that I had not lost my faith. I was reminded that the only things I “needed “ were what was in my backpack and belief in my self and I could achieve great things. I loved the ease of talking with strangers ( fellow pilgrims)- knowing you aren’t being judged – and discovering that no matter which part of the world we come from – we all want the same things – happiness, fulfilment and purpose.
Most importantly my Camino journey reaffirmed what I always knew – that I am fortunate to have a wonderful life – I have family and friends whom I love and who love me in return for exactly who I am.

Stella Caldelis, Sydney, Australia