Tailor-Made Group Packages
6 or more people

With your ideas and our knowledge, together we create an itinerary that suits your specific needs.

We are able to offer guided or self-guided packages for;

Family groups who want to have an experience that works with kids or, varying age and fitness levels
Sports/Social Clubs wanting to share an Adventure
Group of friends that want to hand over the organising
Business groups looking for something out of the box

Do tailored group packages cost more?

The price difference is dependent on your package, if you are wanting a very detailed and different package to what we offer then providing your group with the perfect itinerary, will take time.
We endeavour always to give value for money.

What to do next?

Let’s have a conversation so we can support you to make your dream possible, contact us here.

We look forward to meeting you!

Buen Camino!!