Specialising in Camino de Santiago, Crossroads Travel …

Offers all-inclusive  TRAVEL ADVENTURE

Guided Group packages, Self Guided packages and Tailor-Made packages.

For the seasoned adventurer and novice explorers alike.


Bringing together years of business experience in events, combined with a lifetime of travel; both professional and personal.

  Jennifer Lyons created Crossroads Travel after her own experiences of walking 

Camino De Santiago. 


Today she has relocated to Spain and is dedicated to supporting others to experience the 

“Magic of Camino de Santiago”

Creating Travel Adventure that is  Rich with history, culturally exciting and spiritually uplifting.


What we offer


Inclusive self-guided Packages taking care of your personal needs

Carefully crafted Guided Group packages

Tailor-Made – Individual Packages and Tailor-Made – Group Packages 


Why choose Crossroads Travel


We are a team of discerning, well-travelled adventurers. Led by an Australian woman who knows how to create a  well-rounded value for money package and a local man who knows, what is possible, and how to get the absolute best of what that is from his country. We are not trying to be everything for everyone we are specialising in Camino de Santiago.  As you walk your Camino you have direct contact with us as we are here with you on the ground in Spain making for a stress-free experience.



We believe in delivering only what we know personally


We understand you want comfort along the way.

We handpick your accommodation and know the people that house and feed you.

We organise your luggage transport allowing you to focus on you and your surroundings.

You want us to guide you to the best of local cuisine. 

We know how precious your time is and look after you in a professional and caring manner.

You have direct contact with us during your Camino, making for a stress-free travel experience.


A  walking Travel Adventure

where your memories become

stories woven into your being.