Why a tailor-made package?

You may have specific needs that don’t fall into the regular packages we have designed. For instance, some of the factors our clients choose to create Tailor-made packages have been travel style, timing, budget, fitness level, or ability.

For these reasons and many more we want to support you to walk Camino your way. We want to support you to have the travel adventure of your life in your style.

Do tailored packages cost more?

The price difference is dependent on your package. So if you are wanting a very detailed and different package from what we offer then providing you with the perfect itinerary will take time.
However, we endeavour always to give value for money.

Types of packages

Tailor-made package details 

Tailor-made group package details

What to do next?

Let’s have a conversation so we can make your dream possible, contact us here.

We look forward to supporting you!
Buen Camino!!

This is the general Inclusion list for our packages.

For your Tailor-made packages, we can discuss what might be missing for your needs.

General Crossroads Travel Inclusions 
  • Accommodation preferably charming/Iconic/boutique hotels and rural Casas
  • Private Bathroom in rooms
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfer daily
  • Extra luggage storage
  • Maps of your accommodation locations
  • Pre-trip Camino guidance and planning
  • Special Crossroads Travel Meals, wine included (Guided groups)
  • Personal Support Sessions (Guided Groups)
  • Support vehicle daily (Guided Groups)
  • Guide Walker (Guided Groups)

Optional Services: 

  • Airport transfers to start point and from end destination
  • Extra night accommodation at landing points in Spain
  • Transport within Spain; Flights, Trains, Taxi, Private cars
  • Fisterra experience: Tour from Santiago to Fisterra return 2 days
  • support guides on Camino
Welcome Pack
  • Pilgrim’s passport
  • Camino shell
  • Luggage tags
  • Full Camino walking guidebook with maps
  • Camino Journal with Pen
  • Other goodies for your Camino

At Crossroads Travel our focus is to ensure your comfort after a long day of walking. Hence we have carefully and extensively researched accommodation options on Camino. 

Our choice is based on location.

We personally book your rooms for this reason we know exactly where they are located. Being in the vibe of Camino amongst the other pilgrims, restaurants, bars, and cafes is our primary aim.

Note: There are a few extraordinary options off the Camino. We will discuss this with you when booking.

Next, we want you to be welcomed and taken care of.

Meeting regularly with the owners/management to discuss our client needs ensures your hosts have direct personal contact with us. If any need arises we can manage it immediately. 

Finally, we choose accommodation preferably in charming, iconic hotels and rural Casas.

The number of stars is not our criteria. A comfortable room and a private bathroom come first. Although, yes, we do throw in a few nights with lots of stars for a bit of indulgence. After all, you deserve to have a soak in a spa. Likewise, an indoor pool doesn’t hurt.

Book 60 days in advance

Because Camino de Santiago is a very unique destination with limited quality accommodation ON Camino. Consequently, we advise booking a minimum of 60 days in advance.

Examples of our chosen accommodation.

Images below are examples of what you can expect from your booking. Tailor-made packages are available if you wish to stay 5-star all the way. 

  • From - To: Anywhere
  • Length: As long as you like
  • Difficulty: To suit your needs
  • Cost: $0