Our Ocean Extension Camino

Fisterra, in the original Galician language. Finisterre, in Spanish

What an incredible way to finish your Camino, an 87 km four-day walk from Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra,

Pilgrims from all over the world follow the path of history, legend, and Myth to finish at what was believed to be the westernmost point in the ancient world. Known more as the spiritual end of Camino.

It is written that thousands of years before the Christian legend Celts walked to Fisterra, to Cabo Fisterra (lighthouse) to their Altar Soli (alter to the sun) where they watched the sun die, to be reborn the next morning.  Pagans walked following the Milky Way to what was known as “The end of the world” the place where the sun died. Stopping at the edge of the sea, partaking in a ritual of cleansing to leave their old life behind walking away to a new life.

Aside from legends and myths what will stay with you is the beauty of this coast, so much beauty to be captivated by in Fisterra and the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death)

Cabo Fisterra (lighthouse)

This is the 0.00 km point of your Camino. On a clear day, the view is absolutely one of the most spectacular of the Camino. If you are fortunate enough to be there for the sunset it is something that you will never forget!

Pilgrims finish their Camino here with a real sense of completion

A place to sit and contemplate your Camino. Reflect on what you will take away with you and what you will leave/have left behind.

A place where the journey ends yet also where your journey begins.
Buen Camino!!

Note: If time permits, continue walking along what is referred to as Costa da More (Coast of Death) to Muxia, (pronounced moo – SHEE – ah) 31 km’s of traditional pilgrimage to a stunning location by the Atlantic Ocean, only a short bus trip for those that do not have the time to walk, a beautiful small coastal village well worth the visit. Talk to us if this appeals to you and we can add it to your package.

If you have Special Needs we offer

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Ocean Extension Camino

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: 21 km.
  • Hours: 6h.

Day 1: Santiago – Negreira 21 km

Leaving the city fringes of Santiago you very quickly find yourself back in a rural landscape. When you arrive at Sarela de Abaxio look back to the incredible view of Santiago the Cathedral an imposing and magnificent sight against the skyline.

This stage is very beautiful with eucalyptus, oak and pine bushes on gently rolling paths. You’ll climb towards Alto do Vento (Wind pass) the only difficulty on today’s path. Then continue through small villages eventually arriving at the Tambre river. Cross Ponte Maceira a 14th-century bridge before coming to the medieval town of Negreira. Take time to visit Pazo do Cotón, the country house of Cotón family, and Saint Mauro’s chapel.



  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Length: 33.5 km.
  • Hours: 9h.

Today you face the most challenging stage in Fisterra Camino it is long 33km, there are quite a few steep stages to the day and you will have to spend some time walking on asphalt roads, however, there are also beautiful forests and meadows, you will pass through small villages with many old Galician granaries, hórreos (constructions made from stone or wood, raised above the ground by pillars and meant for storing crops) They are unique of rural Galician architecture and a distinguishing trait of the landscape.

Once in Vilaserío then through Santa Mariña you have a constant up and downhill walk until you reach a steep climb to Monte Aro, the highest point in Fisterra Camino, enjoy the fantastic panoramic view. The path then continues through Fervenza reservoir and Hospital then finally descending into Olveiroa where you will cross the Xallas River via Ponte Olveiroa to your destination today.


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Length: 21.5 km.
  • Hours: 6h.

Today you will experience mostly gentle gravel paths through peaceful open spaces reaching Alto do Cruceiro da Armada where you will enjoy your first glimpse of the ocean, the bay of Fisterra. Finally, you’ll have a steep descent to Cee then continue to the quaint Heritage listed village of Corcubión where you’ll stay tonight.


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: 11 km.
  • Hours: 3h.

As you walk today you will enjoy views over Cape Fisterra,  passing through San Roque then descend to Estorde, hug the coast along Sardiñeiro, Langosteira Beach (an extraordinary sensation to walk on the sand, instead of land) and finally arrive at the vibrant village of Fisterra.

Another 4 km to go up to the lighthouse where you will reach the 00.00 marker and have the chance, if you plan your time, to sit and enjoy the sun setting at the end of the world.

Time to reflect on your Camino, contemplate the completion of your challenge, where it is said you leave the old you behind and walk into your new life.


While in Fisterra if you are a seafood lover it is a must try what is said to be one of the best seafood in the world!

Note; on the way to the lighthouse you can visit the municipal cemetery, located on the edge of the coast, then as you continue the climb up Mount Facho you will find a shrine dedicated to Saint William and “Cama de San Guillermo” (Saint William’s Bed), a pit excavated in the rock, about the size of a human body that according to local legend women of the era laid to pray to the Saint for fertility, there are other myths and  legends and that all lend to this as a sacred site for fertility rituals that some still adhere to today.


  • Difficulty: Rest day
  • Length: km.
  • Hours: h.

Today you will have your last breakfast as a Crossroads Travel Customer

Whatever it is you do from here please go safely, thank you for choosing Crossroads Travel
We hope to see you again sometime soon.

End of our Services.

Buen Camino!!


Flexible. Set your own agenda

Inclusions Ocean Extension Camino:

  • 4 nights’ Superior accommodation, preferably rural and boutique hotels.
  • Private Bathroom in all rooms
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfer daily (1 x 20kg bag per person)
  • Maps of your accommodation locations
  • Pre-trip Camino guidance and planning
  • Australian and Spanish emergency phone numbers
  • local support person in Spain

Not Included 

  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Additional bags transfer (will incur additional costs)
  • Single Supplement
  • Any meal not specified in the Inclusions list
  • Any other item not specified in the Inclusions list
  • Flights/Transfers/Extra Accommodations.

Optional Services: 

  • Airport transfers from the start point and end destination
  • Extra night accommodation in the start point and end destination
  • Extra luggage transfer or storage

At Crossroads Travel our focus is to ensure your comfort at the end of a long walking day. Hence we have carefully and extensively researched our accommodation options on Camino. Keeping a close eye on changes and new places for you to stay.

Our choice of accommodation is based first and foremost on location

We personally book your rooms and know exactly where they are located. Walking extra kilometers off Camino at the end of a long day is not the preferred option. Being in the vibe of Camino is an essential element, housing you amongst the other pilgrims’, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Note: There are a few extraordinary options that we will discuss with you when booking that are worth the walk if that is what you might prefer.

Next we want you to be welcomed and taken care of.

We meet regularly with the owners/management to discuss our client needs. Your hosts have direct personal contact with us. If any needs arise we can manage it immediately. We are on the ground in Spain = no time difference offering you a stress-free travel adventure.

Finally, we choose accommodation preferably in charming, iconic hotels and rural Casas.

The number of stars is not our criteria. A comfortable room and a private bathroom come first. Although, yes, we do throw in a few nights with lots of stars for a bit of indulgence. After all, you deserve to have a soak in a spa. Likewise, an indoor pool doesn’t hurt.

Book 60 days in advance

Camino de Santiago is a very unique destination with limited quality accommodation ON Camino. Consequently, we advise you to book a minimum of 60 days in advance. Less time than this we will do our best to keep your accommodation on Camino.

Examples of our chosen accommodation.

The images below are examples of what you can expect from your booking. Tailor-made packages are available if you wish to stay 5-star all the way. Let’s start a conversation so you can get exactly what YOU want!

  • From - To: Santiago to Fisterra
  • Length: 87 km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Cost: AUD$675
  • Dates:

    Flexible. Set your own agenda