Preparing your Day Pack

preparing your day pack

Preparing your Day Pack

There are many things you need to consider when Preparing your Day Pack. Generally, you will have 4 to 7 hours walking in front of you, the better prepared you are the better your day will be. Some of the items on the list below are provided in Crossroads Travel Package Inclusions

Keep your Day Pack stocked and packed with everything you might use daily
The essentials are:
  • Water: a minimum of 2 litres
  • Snacks: Something to keep your energy up if you get into a bit of a slump
  • Camino Guidebook: Information so you know what is ahead to support your decision-making daily (included in our welcome pack)
  • Compostela Passport 
  • Accommodation Maps and contact list: (included in our welcome pack)
  • Toilet care package (included in our welcome pack)
  • Foot care: Carry bandaids with you always and read up on tips for caring for your feet.
  • Spare socks: Especially if you have sweaty feet but also just in case it rains, wet feet = Blisters
  • Sun hat/Sunglasses, better to have both.
  • Sunscreen: You are out there in the elements for hours on end, even if it is overcast you can burn.
  • Rain clothes: Unless it is the middle of summer with no rain forecast it is better safe than sorry!
Other Suggested Items

Walking Poles, you can carry them in, or attach them to your day pack to use when you need them

A backpack cover, if you are not wearing a poncho, is a must-have.

Personally, I like to carry a pair of sandals with me, they are light and a welcome friend if you happen to get blisters. Wear them with socks to protect your feet, not a good look I know 😎

Your phone for photos: try not to be on it otherwise it can be a real distraction from being in the moment.

We include a Journal and pen in your pack, it is useful to jot down your feelings and thoughts or perhaps a new phone number 😍

For those walking in the cooler months a warm hat, gloves and warm layers.

Medical Needs

If you have medication you can’t manage without, it is best to take it with you. That way you are CERTAIN that you are covered.

I hope this helps

Buen Camino!
Bom Caminho!
Bon Chemin!