Portuguese Camino and Fado

Portuguese Camino and Fado

Portuguese Camino and Fado

There are two Portuguese Camino routes to choose from with Crossroads Travel. The Central and Coastal Caminos, both are beautiful, and neither is terribly difficult. The beauty of the Portuguese Camino is you get a taste of the Culture of two incredible countries, Portugal and Spain.

Both of our Portuguese Caminos start in Porto. A spectacular city with so much to see and do, you really need a few days to soak up the atmosphere.

One of the things that I most enjoyed doing before walking Camino while in Porto was watching a Fado show.

Fado meaning “fate” is Portuguese music about love, loss, injustice, and pain.

Fado is known as the soul of Portuguese music. Despite not understanding the language I found myself filled with emotion. You feel the depth of the words. The Portuguese word that explains this feeling is “Saudade” which is translated as sentimental, longing or nostalgia.

Amália Rodrigues is known as the Queen of Fado. The most famous female Portuguese singer of the 20th Century. Introduce yourself to this incredible Portuguese music and see if it invites you to a show before you walk the Portuguese Camino. 

Bom Caminho 

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