Fisterra (in original Galician language), Finesterre (in Spanish)

What an incredible way to finish your Camino, A 90 km four-day walk from Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra.

Pilgrims from all over the world follow the path of history, legend and Myth where it is written that Celtic people walked 1000 years BC in search of lands’ end, the resting place of the Sun, Pagans walked the path in a born-again ritual on the Megalithic path following the Milky Way.

Be it legends myths or beauty, there is plenty to be captivated by in Fisterra and the Costa da Morte (coast of Death)

Cabo Fisterra (lighthouse) is where you will find the 0.00 K.M.point  on a clear day the view is absolutely one of the most spectacular of the Camino if you are fortunate enough to be there for the sunset it is something that you will never forget!

Pilgrims finish their Camino here with a real sense of completion a place to sit, contemplate your Camino, reflect on what you will take away with you and what you will leave/have left behind.

A place where the journey ends yet also where your journey begins.  

Note: If time permits, continue walking along what is referred to as Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) to Muxia, (pronounced moo – SHEE – ah) 31 km’s of traditional pilgrimage to a stunning location by the Atlantic Ocean, only a short bus trip for those that do not have the time to walk, a beautiful small coastal village well worth the visit.

“For untold thousands of years, we travelled on over rough paths, not simply as peddlers or commuters or tourists, but as men and women for whom the path and the road stood for some intense experience: freedom, new human relationship, and new awareness of the landscape. The road offered a journey into the unknown that could end up allowing us to discover who we were.” –  John Brinckerhoff Jackson