Modern-day Pilgrim

The modern-day Pilgrim

Modern-day Pilgrim

Primarily known today as a Catholic Pilgrimage, however, when on Camino it becomes apparent that the religious, cultural, and social reasons for the modern-day pilgrim are extremely diverse. There is a rich history of legends, pre-Christianity, that tell us this path has always been a pilgrimage. Therefore how you approach and walk Camino is your personal business. If you are Catholic you may want to follow the idea that it is a walk of penance. If you are spiritual you may wish to focus on an Intention to live more mindfully with the simplicity of enjoying the days. While those of you who are sporty will have a goal to reach.

What is a Pilgrimage?

A journey undertaken to a place of devotion or religious, moral, or spiritual significance.

Time spent to create space for more authentic action and reconnecting to the self.

There are books written about it, movies portraying it, and poems penned. Of course, past Pilgrims who have walked Camino de Santiago will enthusiastically share a tale or two about their experience.

There is no time like the present

Give yourself permission to share this unique experience, walking on paths historically known to inspire change, awaken the senses, and enliven the spirit.

“Life is a long Pilgrimage from FEAR to LOVE” – Paulo Coelho 

Buen Camino!