WGC-Day 2: Sarria-Portomarin-22km

WGC-Day 2: Sarria-Portomarin

Today you face a beautiful stage through the Galician bush. Pretty villages and hamlets with their traditional “hórreos” (granaries). In front of you is a steep descent into Portomarín where you will cross the Miño River over its modern bridge into Portomarín.

The remains of the medieval town of Portomarín disappeared under these reservoir waters in the 1950s. Franco (Dictator) decided to build a hydroelectric dam 40 kilometres downriver and flooded the original town.

The most important monuments are the churches of San Nicolás and San Pedro. Along with some of the cherished 16th and 17th-century manor houses or Pazos that were transported stone by stone high above the river to the new village of Portomarin. The square in the centre of town boasts most of the historic monuments including the Pazo Del Conde da Maza.