PC-Day 3: Vigo to Redondela-16km

Day 3: Vigo to Redondela

Today on day 3 Vigo to Redondela you will exit Vigo along a popular path where locals run, cycle, or walk.

From this point, you will Leave the coastline. Your Camino then runs inland up to Redondela. Before long taking you through forests with beautiful views over the high, flat, and easy plateau trail system, called the Camino da Traida das Augas. Crossing over with the impressive Rande Bridge.

In Redondela your Camino joins the other Portuguese Camino routes from Porto and Tui. From here your way to Santiago becomes an inland Camino.


Once in Redondela, you must try the Galician seafood. To finish your day off perfectly make a choice: centollas (spider crabs), mussels, zamburiñas (scallops), turbot, hake, decisions decisions!