PC-Day 2: Porto to Vilarinho (Vila do Conde)-17km

On Day 2:Porto to Vilarinho (Vila do Conde), the first 9 km runs through city suburbs and industrial areas. Many pilgrims avoid this section by catching the metro to Araujo to start their walk there. This is a personal choice you can make on the day.

Beyond that, you will walk mainly through urban areas along narrow roads. Be careful with local traffic it can be pretty dense in some sections.

Although there are no great sites of historical note there are many local sites to see and visit along the way.

Pass through Fajozes-Giao a small quiet town, very relaxing after bustling Porto. Visit Cruzeiro de Faozes and the 18th-century Sao Pedro de Fajoez Church.

Arriving in Vilarinho or Vila do Conde.

This area has very little on offer for accommodation for this reason you must check your personal itinerary. Your day will be similar length regardless of where you start and finish.