MC-Day 9: Rabanal Del Camino-Molinaseca 25km

Today Day 9: Rabanal Del Camino-Molinaseca is a spectacular stage, however, it is very unpredictable weather generally cold most of the year. Take something warm in your backpack.

You will have a difficult steep ascent to the beautiful village of Foncebadon. A lost village in the middle of the mountain. Continue to climb to “Cruz de Ferro”(Iron Cross) 1.504m, which is the most symbolic milestone in the entire Camino. A bit further you find the “Collado de las Antenas” 1.515m, the highest point on the French Camino. Of course, take some time to enjoy the stunning view.
Start your descent to the lush area of El Bierzo. You will experience a challenging descent to Molinaseca, probably the hardest on Camino together with the decline to Zubiri, encountered at the very beginning. The most difficult section is between the Collado down to Acebo. Please take your time and take care of your ankles and knees. In bad weather, we suggest walking the road instead of the way.
You will enter Molinaseca crossing its beautiful Romanesque Pilgrim’s Bridge, a picturesque town that looks a little like a movie set, sitting at the foot of the mountain. Its narrow streets and historic buildings are spectacular.

Buen Camino