FFC-Day 9: Los Arcos-Logrono-28km

Today Day 9: Los Arcos-Logrono you walk across three very different landscapes. At first from Los Arcos to Torres del Río it is quite a flat walk. Then Torres del Río to Viana, up and down for several km. Finally Viana to Logroño through an industrial suburban area.

In Torres del Río you’ll witness an architectural wonder the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, an eight-sided 12th-century building associated with the Knights Templar. Next passing through Viana a well-preserved historic town you will find fascinating mansions, palaces, and churches that tell tales of its history. From here you will head to Logroño, where at the entrance you will pass over the Ebro River. The main river in Spain crosses the country from the mountains in the North, close to the Atlantic Ocean, to meet the Mediterranean Sea in the South of Catalonia.

Logroño is the capital of La Rioja Region, the most famous Spanish wine region. Look out for Laurel Street, an experience in itself. Tapas in Logroño are some of the best in Camino, don’t miss out! Choose a Tapas bar and treat yourself to an afternoon Tapa and Rioja Wine.
You can visit the city with its old town, historic Cathedral

Buen Camino