PC-Day 8: Oia to Baiona

Day 8: Oia to Baiona

Today on day 8 Oia to Baiona you will enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean.

Between O Serralo and Porto Mougas follow the arrows to avoid a dangerous section along the road.

There is a short difficult ascent between As Mariñas and Baiona, where you will walk inland. The view of Cabo Sileiro lighthouse and the first views of the Cies Islands in Ria de Vigo are a welcome distraction.

Baiona is a busy seaside town popular stop for tourists. Boasting a medieval historical center situated by the outlet of the Vigo Bay with impressive fortress walls.

Caravel La Pinta (one of the 3 ships of the Colombus expedition to America) arrived back in Spain in this town. Therefore there is a museum in its honour you might find worth a visit.

Also, plenty of special seafood to be enjoyed octopus, crabs, sea urchins, vernacles…