FFC-Day 8: Estella-Los Arcos-21.5km

Today Day 8: Estella-Los Arcos, is not the most inspiring start as it will be spent mainly on busy roads. However, you will soon arrive at Bodegas Irache the famous Navarra winery. Here you will find a free wine fountain, yes you read correctly. A wine fountain especially built for pilgrims.

Close by is the Monastery of Irache declared a national monument in 1887.
The exit of Irache leads you to vineyards, cereal fields, small pinewoods and streams. Later climbing to Villamayor de Monjardin on a hilltop. From there to Los Arcos you have 12km without any village and very little shade. Therefore you will need plenty of water and something to eat to keep up your energy.

Arriving at your destination Los Arcos an ancient town with a blend of history, art, folklore, and gastronomy.  Visit the beautiful Iglesia Santa Maria.

Buen Camino