FFC-Day 7: Puente la Reina-Estella-22km

Today Day 7: Puente la Reina-Estella you will leave over the medieval Puente la Reina Bridge (Queens Bridge). You will pass through three beautiful towns on hilltops: Cirauqui, Lorca, and Villatuerta.
After Cirauqui you will walk on an old paved Roman road, one of the best-preserved along the Camino.

For the rest of the day, you will pass through rolling farmland, small towns, and villages, mostly along meandering tracks until you reach the end of your walk at Estella (Lizarra, in the Basque language). A charming historic city of 13,000 inhabitants, known for its passion for music and theatre as well as its impeccable cuisine.

Buen Camino