MC-Day 7: Explore Astorga

Catch the train from Leon to Astorga takes about 45 minutes (details will be in your welcome pack)

On Day 7: Explore Astorga, with its rich historical and cultural heritage. When reaching the pretty hilltop city of Astorga one of the must-do is to visit its spectacular Gothic “Pink Cathedral”. Built in 1471 it now houses a museum. Also, the fabulous Episcopal palace designed by Antoni Gaudí, (the famous Catalan architect) is well worth a look as are the old Roman city walls.

Astorga is also known for its gastronomy, especially its Cocido Maragato, a stew of meat and vegetables. Astorga is well known for its famous chocolates and “Las Mantecadas (cupcakes) de Astorga”. Something to look forward to trying while there.

Buen Camino!