PC-Day 6: Ponte de Lima to Rubiaes-17.5km

Today Day 6: Ponte de Lima to Rubiaes, you face a challenging yet very beautiful stage. With most of the day traversing through unpaved terrain. You’ll begin with an amazing path along the Labruja River until Codecal where you’ll start the climb to Alto da Portela Grande de Labruja (400 m). This is the highest point on this Camino. The terrain is very steep, rocky ground, full of steps. Once you reach the top view is worth every step!

Descending down to Rubiaes a little village where the Romanic church of Sao Pedro de Rubiaes awaits your visit.

Today is the last chance to enjoy Bacalhau a Bras before crossing into Spain. If you happen to find yourself here in November look out for “Angulas” (elvers/baby eels) An expensive delicacy of this area.

Bom Caminho