FFC-Day 6: Pamplona-Puente La Reina-24km

Today Day 6: Pamplona-Puente La Reina you walk out of Pamplona through beautiful parks until Cizur Menor. Here you start your climb to Alto del Perdón (Hill of Forgiveness). There is a steep ascent to the iconic sculpture of Pilgrims by Vicente Galbete. On one of the figures, you can read: “Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas.” (Where the path of wind crosses with the stars). From this point, an incredible panoramic view of Pamplona and the Pyrenees is before you. Both up to the north with Navarra plains and down to the south.

After Alto del Perdón you face 3-4km of a difficult stony, steep descent.

Another Iconic point on your way from Pamplona to Puente la Reina is the church of Santa Maria de Eunate, built in 1170. An unusual example of Romanesque architecture that has been declared a national monument. Standing in solitude in the middle of a flat open landscape. Approximately 2 km off the Camino however well worth the extra walking if you have the energy. There is a legend of a tradition whereby those who walk around the building three times are freed from their sins!
Note: ask a local for directions to avoid getting lost.

Finally, you will arrive at Puente la Reina. A magnificent medieval village with its perfectly balanced 11th-century stone bridge. Crossing the river Arga it truly is a sight to behold.

On Rua Mayor, the main street of this village you will discover the architectural delights, historical buildings, and churches of St James and St Peter.

Buen Camino