ECE-Day 5: Pontevedra to Armenteira-23km

Today Day 5: Pontevedra to Armenteira, at around 2 km into your walk you will see signs to the left for the “Variante Espiritual” (Spiritual Variant).

The magnificent Poio Monastery is the first jewel on today’s Camino well worth a visit. The next is the village Combarro, with the old quarter declared “Property of Cultural Interest”. Home to three traditional elements of Galicia “Horreos” (raised granaries), “Casas Marineras” (sea houses), and “Cruces”(crosses). Combarro is considered one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Spain. Owing to its’ fisherman’s cottages with stone or wooden balconies unique in Galicia.

You’ll walk a steep incline up to Mirador de Loureiro (Loureiro viewpoint).

Following this about 6 km further, you arrive at Armenteira, your resting place for today. Visit the Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria, founded in the 12th century and known in history as an absolute haven of Peace.