FC – Day 4: Corcubión – Fisterra-11km

Day 4: Corcubión – Fisterra

Today you will enjoy views over Cape Fisterra. Passing through San Roque then descending to Estorde. Hug the coast along Sardiñeiro and Langosteira Beach (an extraordinary sensation to walk on the sand, instead of land) and finally arrive at the vibrant village of Fisterra.

Another 4 km uphill to reach the lighthouse. Finally, you will reach the 00.00 marker. If you plan your time right, it is spectacular to sit and enjoy the sun setting at the end of the world.

Reflect on your Camino. Contemplate the completion of your challenge, where it is said you leave the old behind you and walk into your new life.


It is said that Galicia has the best seafood in the world. While in Fisterra if you are a seafood lover it is a must-try.

Note; on the way to the lighthouse you can visit the municipal cemetery. Located on the edge of the coast, as you continue the climb up Mount Facho you will find a shrine dedicated to Saint William. Also “Cama de San Guillermo” (Saint William’s Bed). A pit excavated in the rock about the size of a human body. According to local legend women of the era laid to pray to the Saint for fertility. There are many myths and legends that all lend to this as a sacred site for fertility rituals that some still adhere to today.