PC-Day 4: Barcelos to Ballugaes-15.5km

On day 4 Barcelos to Ballugaes, you walk through rural areas and small villages. Reaching Sao Pedro de Rates with its romànic Iglesia de San Pedro de Rates, the church of St Peter. Classified as a national monument built in the 9th century. 

Then crossing Monte Franqueira, before arriving at Barcelinhos. Here you will cross a medieval bridge at the entrance of Barcelos.

Barcelos is a beautiful town (120,000 inhabitants) famous for its “Galo” (rooster). A symbol of the whole country.

You can delight your tastebuds with the specialties of the region: Rojoes (made with pork), Galo Asado (roasted rooster), and Vinho Verde white wine of the region.

Take care to check your accommodation for tonight. There are limited options here and you may also stay in Cossourado.

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