PC-Day 3: Vilarinho (Vila do Conde) to Barcelos-27.5km

On day 3 Vilarinho (Vila do Conde) to Barcelos is quite a long stage. You will find it is not however terribly difficult.

A pleasurable walk taking you through rural areas. Passing through agricultural settings on dirt tracks and only a few local roads.
The highlight of today is the two Roman bridges you will cross. Both bridges are an important part of the linking of Porto to Galicia. First Ponte D. Zameiro, (or Ponte de Ave) an incredibly beautiful 12th-century medieval bridge. At the entrance of Sao Miguel de Arcos, you’ll cross the other beautiful medieval bridge.
While in the village of Arcos, you can admire the remarkable Church of Misericórdia
Finally arriving in Barcelos.

Bom Caminoh