FFC – Day 23/24: Mansilla de las Mulas-Leon-18.5km

Day 23/24: Mansilla de las Mulas-Leon you leave behind the high plateau setting of the remote Meseta and continue your journey to the spectacular city of Leon. You will walk along busy roads for most of the day.
Your approach to the city of León will see you passing through residential suburbs and industrial areas. From Portillo Hill onwards you will spot the beautiful city of León ahead with its stunning Cathedral.

You have now walked 470 km in 21 days! your body deserves a rest day to charge your batteries.

Leon is a lively Unesco Heritage listed City one of the largest on Camino de Santiago. So much to see and do. Many churches and cathedrals noted for their architecture and art can be discovered in Leon. Among them is the Gothic 13th-century Cathedral de Leon. Indeed a spectacle of beauty with its towers and flying buttresses. Also boasts Romanesque architecture of the 10th century Basílica de San Isidoro. Known for its frescoes and royal tombs.  Then a must-visit, Casa Botines, a neogothic-styled building designed by Antoni Gaudi.
Famous for its facade of carved skulls and scallops is the Parador Hotel in the city centre. Indeed a visit there will leave you speechless.
Once you have done your touristy visits head to Barrio Húmedo and Barrio Romántico, both areas are close to the Cathedral and known for food and fun! full of narrow streets and plazas. Here socialising and gastronomy are on the agenda. A time to rest and enjoy a variety of taverns, bars, restaurants, and terraces,
If you are struggling with any of your walking equipment this is a good time to update. There are several outdoor shops and a large department store Corte Ingles to cater to your needs.

Buen Camino