CC – Day 22: Bercianos del Real Camino–Mansilla de las Mulas-26.5km

Day 22: Bercianos del Real Camino – Mansilla de las Mulas

Your Camino leaves the expansive ‘Tierra de Campos’ behind and continues across grain and cereal crops. Leading pilgrims to the plateau of León. The whole stage continues through straight paths, with little shade, take advantage when you find it.
You have 27 km with only two villages in the middle, El Burgo Ranero, and Reliegos.

From Reliegos, with only 6km to go, you can almost see Mansilla de las Mulas a small walled enclave, founded in 1181. Intimately connected to the Camino hence its seven churches, a house for pilgrims, three hospitals, and two monasteries.