PCO-Day 2: Porto-Vila do Conde-22km

On Day 2: Porto-Vila do Conde, the first 11 km is through the suburbs and industrial areas of Porto, or you can walk directly along the coastline if you do not want to shorten your Camino. Most pilgrims take the Metro or Bus (ticket not included in the pack) from Porto Centre to Matosinhos, Mercado station, to reach the coastline and start walking from there.

Once there cross the lift bridge over Leça River to Leça da Palmeira, then decide if you want to walk along the coast (Senda Litoral) or follow the traditional path. Following the coastline, you’ll find wooden walkways along the seaside path where you’ll see the tide pool and Boa Nova lighthouse, the second-highest point in Portugal.

Both will arrive at your destination Vila do Conde.

Fish specialities are popular here. Taste the Arroz de Sardinhas (Sardine rice).