FFC-Day 14/15: San Juan de Ortega-Burgos-26km

Today Day 14/15: San Juan de Ortega-Burgos soon after heading out of San Juan de Ortega you will find yourself in Ages. With its Iglesia de Santa Eulalia. After 2km you reach the next village Atapuerca. Here is located the Iglesia de San Martin. From this point, you are three kilometres away from where the oldest (800,000-year-old) human remains in Europe were discovered

Finally arriving in Burgos a large city where you can witness the walls of an old castle or the Museum of Human Evolution. Definitely, the main attraction of the city is its magnificent French Gothic Cathedral of St Mary. It boasts 3 main doorways flanked by ornamented bell towers. Inside the tomb of El Cid (Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar), the 11th-century military commander. Also, the Chapel of Condestable is decorated with figures of saints.

Here the following day you will enjoy a rest day, where you can relax and revive. There are plenty of shops and services. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy anything you need and wash your clothes. Enjoy the sites and have a slow-paced day and early night.

Buen Camino