LS – Day 11: Triacastela-Sarria-25km

Today Day 11: Triacastela-Sarria, there are two options to arrive in Sarria: Through San Xil valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Camino (7km shorter), or, through Samos, where you walk along the valley of the river Ouribio, magnificent oak and chestnut trees and admire the impressive Samos Monastery.

Whatever decision you make, you’ll get it right.

At the end of your day, you arrive in Sarria, a large town, with about 15,000 inhabitants. You will notice from here an influx of Pilgrims. This is due to the last 100 km rule of the Compostela. It is here that tour companies and groups in buses hop on and off the Camino to do short walks and get stamps.

A Camino fact, around 40% of French Camino pilgrims arriving in Santiago every year start the pilgrimage here in Sarria. Do not fear though, you will find as the groups only do small sections, there are still stretches where you will have times of peace and tranquillity.