CDN-Day 11: Castro Urdiales to Laredo-25.5km

Day 11: Castro Urdiales to Laredo;  you will walk along the spectacular coastal cliffs of the Cantabrian Sea and also through some inland valleys with beautiful forest paths. Check your guidebook before departing as there is an alternate route at the halfway mark.

Decide which Route Suits You

Along the official route, the Chapel of San Mamés is an interesting stop. Then you pass through Hazas with its many Historical 16th century monuments.

The alternate route continues along the national road, your point of reference will be Mollaneda. From there you can continue walking inland, passing through Iseca Vieja, or take another alternative to the beautiful coastal path to Laredo.

Laredo is known nationally in the Cantabrian region for “La Salvé“, its 5 km long beach and for the historic part of town dating back to Roman times.

Buen Camino!