FFC-Day 1: St Jean Pied de Port

Today Day 1: St Jean Pied de Port, situated in the Basque country at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. A beautiful village, akin to a Fairy-tale scene. Cobbled narrow streets, with white stone houses with red wooden windows and doors. Walk across the spectacularly beautiful bridge leading you out of the village towards the Pyrenees Mountains. The beginning of the French Way of Camino de Santiago, the start of your Pilgrimage.

Make sure you wander the streets of St Jean Pied de Port and soak up the French charm. Try some local French cuisine before passing over the Pyrenees mountains into Sapin. Then make a point of joining the pilgrims’ mass in the evening, a great way to connect with other Pilgrims and mark the start of your journey.

Take advantage of your hotel room to relax and have a good nights sleep before beginning your Camino. You have a huge first day in front of you!

Note: In St Jean Pied de Port there are some great outdoor products shops for Pilgrims, a chance before you begin to pick up any last-minute items you may have missed.