PC-Day 1: Baiona

Day 1: Baiona

Day 1 in Baiona with its’ impressive fortress walls, Baiona is a wonderful busy seaside town to explore.  Once you have settled in there is a beautiful walk called El Paseo de Monte Boi.  This short looped walk is approximately 2km. You will find nice beaches and public chilling spaces all around the fortress.

Spend a little time perched on one of the medieval walls, dating from the eleventh century. soak up the best views in Baiona out to the crashing Atlantic waves. You will immediately feel as peaceful as your surroundings.

Once you reach the front of the castle there is a quiet beach nestled between the busy town and the castle walls. This leads to the possible next activity of the day, a dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also a museum in honour of Caravel La Pinta (one of the 3 ships of the Colombus expedition to America) that arrived back in Spain in this town. worth a visit also.


Definitely, the highlight of this region is the seafood. Consequently, fresh octopus, crabs, sea urchins, vernacles just to begin with.

Prepare for your walk

Make certain that you get plenty of rest tonight. Prepare your bag for tomorrow it is a long day.

Buen Camino!!