CDN-Day 9: Bilbao to Portugalete-13.5km

CDN-Day 9: Bilbao to Portugalete, This stage is not difficult, however, it can be exhausting because of the urban jungle and the traffic noise, the most urban stage of the Camino del Norte. However, it also offers some interesting cultural and historical attractions.

Afterwards, a section through the forest then across the famous ‘Devil’s Bridge’, before arriving at the Hermitage of Santa Águeda. Then, an ascent to Mount Kobetas offers a panoramic view of the city and the river Nervión. The descent leads you to the suburbs of Barakaldo and Sestao, where you can see some examples of the Basque industrial heritage.

The final part of the stage follows the riverbank until you reach your destination Portugalete, a historic town with a beautiful old quarter and the famous Puente Colgante, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This suspension bridge connects Portugalete with Getxo. You can cross it by a gondola hanging from the cables.

Here in Portugalete is the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and the famous pintxos

Buen Camino!