SFC-Day 9: Santiago-Negreira-21km

SFC-Day 9: Santiago-Negreira As you leave the city fringes of Santiago you very quickly find yourself back in a rural landscape. When you arrive at Sarela de Abaxio look back to the incredible view of Santiago a magnificent, imposing sight of the Cathedral against the skyline. This stage is very beautiful with eucalyptus, oak and […]

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SFC-Day 1: Sarria

SFC-Day 1: Sarria is a village alive with the Camino vibe. Make the most of your time here. Grab yourself a map and amble along Rua Major the main street. Then visit all of the historic delights this village has to offer. Iglesia de Santa Mariña, Monasterio de la Magdalena, medieval bridge Ponte Aspera, Capilla […]

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SFC-Day 13: Fisterra

Today Day 13: Fisterra, you will have your last breakfast on Camino de Santiago. A bittersweet moment where you will say your goodbyes as you wander off into the world with your heart full of memories, armed with your gifts from Camino de Santiago! Whatever it is you do from here please go safely, thank […]

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SFC-Day 6: Arzua-O Pedrouzo-19.5km

Today Day 6: Arzua-O Pedrouzo, a comfortable stage, quite flat, along prairies and bushes. Alternating between track and county lanes, passing through several small hamlets. Continue on woodland paths, passing a monument to Guillermo Watt. A Pilgrim who died at this spot, a day prior to completing his Camino. Eventually reaching Alto de Santa Irene, […]

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