PC-Day 15: Santiago

PC-Day 15: Santiago Today day 15 Santiago you will enjoy a breakfast of Kings, your last morning with Crossroads Travel Many of you will venture off to other parts of the world, some of you will continue your adventure to Fisterra! Whatever it is you do from here please go safely, thank you for choosing […]

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PC-Day 7: A Guarda to Oia-13km

Day 7: A Guarda to Oia On day 7 A Guarda to Oia for the first km’s the route runs next to coastal rocks. Years ago owing to the tides and natural occurring Viveiro (tidal pools) developed. Local fishermen used them to preserve daily catches. Spectacularly picturesque and a fairly easy stage today. Finally arriving […]

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PC-Day 8: Oia to Baiona-18km

Day 8: Oia to Baiona Today on day 8 Oia to Baiona you will enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean. Between O Serralo and Porto Mougas follow the arrows to avoid a dangerous section along the road. There is a short difficult ascent between As Mariñas and Baiona, where you will walk inland. The view […]

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PC-Day 9: Baiona to Vigo-27km

Day 9: Baiona to Vigo Today on Day 9 Baiona to Vigo you have the option of two routes. On the original route, you will spend quite some time walking on asphalt. The alternative route hugging the spectacular coastline. After walking through A Ramallosa cross the Miñor river on a wonderful Romanic bridge. After the […]

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