PC-Day 7: Rubiaes to Tui

Day 7: Rubiaes to Tui On day 7 Rubiaes to Tui you will cross the remarkable roman-medieval bridge at Rubiaes then wander into unpaved roads and hilly terrain. Soon arriving in  Valenca do Minho the last town in Portugal. Stop to visit the magnificent Fortaleza (fortress) a splendid medieval wall surrounding the old city. Here […]

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PC-Day 8: Tui to O Porrino

Day 8: Tui to O Porrino On day 8: Tui to O Porrino, there are two routes to choose from. Either continue on the original path taking you through the largest industrial region of Galicia, all roads and concrete. Or take the alternative route developed in 2013 that goes through the natural land of Las […]

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PC-Day 14: Santiago

PC-Day 14: Santiago Today day 14 Santiago you will enjoy a breakfast of Kings, your last morning with Crossroads Travel Many of you will venture off to other parts of the world, some of you will continue your adventure to Fisterra! Whatever it is you do from here please go safely, thank you for choosing […]

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PC-Day 4: Barcelos to Ballugaes

Day 4: Barcelos to Ballugaes On day 4 Barcelos to Ballugaes, you walk through rural areas and small villages. Reaching Sao Pedro de Rates with its romànic Iglesia de San Pedro de Rates, the church of St Peter. Classified as a national monument built in the 9th century.  Then crossing Monte Franqueira, before arriving at Barcelinhos. […]

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