WGC-Day 13: Fisterra

Today Day 13: Fisterra, we will have our last breakfast together as a group. A bittersweet moment where we celebrate our achievements and say our goodbyes as we wander off into all corners of the world with our hearts full of memories, armed with our gifts from Camino de Santiago! Whatever it is you do […]

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WGC-Day 9: Santiago-Negreira-21km

Today Day 9: Santiago-Negreira, as you leave the city fringes of Santiago you very quickly find yourself back in a rural landscape. When you arrive at Sarela de Abaxio look back to the incredible view of Santiago a magnificent, imposing sight, of the Cathedral against the skyline. This stage is very beautiful with eucalyptus, oak […]

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WGC-Day 5: Melide-Arzua-14km

Today Day 5: Melide-Arzua, for most of the way to Santiago, you will wind your way in and out of pine and eucalyptus forests. Then there is quite a steep descent into Ribadiso da Baixo. Soon after arriving at the town of Arzúa. The most significant city (6,000 inhabitants) before Santiago. Famous for its local […]

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