Is It Safe Walking Camino de Santiago Alone?


A question that plays on the mind of many.

An answer to this question, another question … safer than what?

• You can be at home in your lounge room and trip over a cord and break a leg
• You could walk across the road in your local neighbourhood and be run over
• Take a night out in any city around the world and who knows what could happen

Realistically there is no definite safety in anything that you do!

Camino is as safe as anywhere else you could be, it is well marked and you are around other Pilgrims. A few days into your Camino you become part of a “Camino Community” this means, even if you don’t want to talk to anyone, you will begin to see the same faces and become familiar to others. If you feel uncertain at any point you can ask someone to keep an eye out for you.

Staying Safe

Like any other destination in the world be mindful of when you may be putting yourself in danger, be smart about the choices you make. Listen to your intuition; you will have time to hear it on Camino,  if it feels wrong it most certainly is.
As a usual rule, outside of festivals, it is not too crazy on the Camino, most of the Albergues are shut at 10-10.30pm so everyone is off to bed. After a long day of walking, you will most probably want to be in bed also!

Oh, and one of the funny questions I have been asked many times, and feel is worth a mention, What about the wild dogs? Possibly due to books or movies? my experience, the dogs on Camino are just as wild as the ones I see in the local neighbourhood at home.     Buen Camino!!