Setting an Intention for your Camino.

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What is an Intention

In the context of setting an intention prior to your Camino, this passage taken from the teachings of Joseph Campbell explains it quite well.

“Determine what it is that you need to focus on. It is this intent that will be mirrored back to you, through your experience, interactions with others and the land as well as your engagement with the process. The Journey begins and the gifts received can then be seen in this context, challenges also can be met in this context.”

Joseph Campbell
Why set an Intention.

I learned the power of intention while studying; Certificate in Shamanism and Transformational Mask with Vicky Dean, of Circalore. Living with intention deepens and enriches your experience of life, supporting you to see and hear what comes to you. Walking Camino is a great place to start seeing, feeling, and understanding the effects of setting an intention while away from your usual schedules and distractions of day-to-day life.

How to set an Intention on Camino

Ask yourself before going on your Camino what it is you hope to gain, learn, understand about your life.

Let the Camino work its Magic!

Each morning while on Camino develop a ritual, perhaps while you are preparing your feet for example. Take this time each day to be mindful of why you are there and thank the spiritual energy (Gods, Angels, Ancestors whatever sits with your beliefs) for supporting you along the way. As you walk this ancient land pay attention; to conversations, thoughts, feelings see what ideas or memories bubble to the surface… carry a journal and pen with you to jot down any aha moments that come to you… perhaps a different story for your life will unfold. Maybe a new understanding of where you are in your life, and how you might want to move forward.

At the end of the day before you go to sleep give thanks for the day and all that was in it for you. Keep your insights safe they may not all drop into place or make sense immediately, it may make sense in days, weeks, months… the trick is to practice staying present.
When you get to your final Camino destination and turn around to go home, if you are not clear on your intention please be patient and keep listening.

See it not as the end, yet the beginning of an opportunity to be more authentic and true to you!!

So you see, aside from the fresh air, breathtaking landscape, witnessing great historical monuments, villages, and cities, meeting the locals and enjoying their warm hospitality in a way that only a walking trip opens you to… you will be connecting with a family of Pilgrims from every corner of the planet and on top of all that … a chance to open yourself to live differently take the Camino home! 

Buen Camino!

PS If you need any support around this topic please contact me here, I am only too happy to have a conversation with you!

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  1. Excellent! May I share it in our chapter newsletter? We are part of the American z pilgrims on the Camino-the Charlotte chapter – thank you – Martee Fry

    1. Hi Martha, Yes I would love for you to share this! My apologies for replying so late I usually get messages through my mail and this did not come through I have literally stumbled across it while updating the website. Kind Regards Jennifer

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