Have you set your Camino Intention?

So you are on your way to Camino de Santiago! To walk, where millions of others have trodden across time. Or perhaps you are considering walking Camino de Santiago and looking for reasons to make that decision.

Camino de Santiago a Pilgrimage laid out with yellow arrows and shells where you will be known as a Peregrino (Pilgrim).
Camino de Santiago declared a Unesco World Heritage site, is a testament to the historical significance of this path. Known today for its Christian importance and the story of St James yet also revered for pre-Christian history where legends and Myths tell of stories lost in time.  A path where there is spiritual energy you can not deny, I call it Camino Magic!
Do you have a reason for walking Camino? Have you dreamt of doing this for some time or did it come to you like a lightning bolt? Are you fulfilling a religious or spiritual dream, a calling? Perhaps you are curious and love Historical and Cultural walks? maybe you are at a Crossroads …
However you came to be on your way to Camino, or looking to go, is not as important as how “present” and “in the moment” you are when you are there. If you wish to really take in the “Magic” of Camino, setting an intention will support you to add more meaning and depth. This is something you can practice at home also, that may help you to decide to go!

How to set an intention
Ask yourself why you are going to or on Camino and what you hope to gain.

Each morning, develop a ritual, maybe while you are in the shower (or preparing your feet if you are on Camino or training) … Take this time each day to remember why you are there and thank the spiritual energy (Gods, Angels, Ancestors whatever sits with your beliefs) for supporting you along the way.

When you are walking pay attention (or going through your day) …. See what conversations you have that may have answers for you, pay attention….  if you dream, write them down as soon as you wake up… note if they tie into your intention. See what ideas or memories bubble to the surface as you are walking  … carry your journal and pen with you and jot down anything that comes to you …. See how this practice creates new thoughts, perhaps a new story for your life will unfold, or a new understanding of where you are at in your life, and how you might want to move forward from whatever it is you are there for or whatever answers your intention.

Let the Camino work its Magic!

At the end of the day before you go to sleep give thanks for the day and all that was in it for you. Keep all of these insights safe they may not all drop into place or make sense immediately… it may all start to make sense in days, weeks, months or when something happens and it ties in with a thought or insight that you had while on the Camino. The trick is to practice staying present in your life and continue listening to your intuition/heart.
When you get to your final Camino destination and turn around to go home, see it not as the end, yet the beginning of an opportunity to take the Camino home!  a chance to open yourself to being more authentic and true to you!!

So, aside from the fresh air, breathtaking landscape, witnessing great historical monuments as you walk through villages and cities … you will also …. have the amazing opportunity of meeting the locals and enjoy their warm hospitality in a way that only a walking trip opens you to ….  on top of all that … you will be connecting with a family of Pilgrims from every corner of the planet.

Buen Camino!!

PS if you need any support around this topic please contact me here, I am only too happy to have a conversation with you!