Food and Drink on Camino

From Pilgrim menus to Michelin stars and everything in between… Camino de Santiago offers an abundance of food options for every palate and budget!

Crossroads Travel clients will enjoy a full breakfast daily as a part of their package. Breakfast is not a big feature of the Spanish culture, a biscuit or slice of cake with coffee, then something a little more substantial around 10 am. We have done our best to communicate the need for a hearty feed for breakfast ensuring you have plenty of fuel to burn.

Some areas of the Camino have fewer services to offer than others so it is really important to check your Camino guide to prepare for your day. Most villages you pass through will have a cafe, bar or small supermarket however buying snacks and keeping a supply in your bag ready is advisable. When preparing my backpack I grab a couple of the snacks and pick up a few pieces of fruit along the way to keep my energy up through the day.

As Camino is mainly inland you will find fresh seasonal produce on most menus, when in Galicia it is the seafood that will capture your attention. During the day you will pass many cafes and bars where you can stop for a full meal or just have a rest and simple feed. If in doubt about the selection you will certainly find in most outlets 2 popular staples of Spanish culture; Tortilla (potato omelette), I have not met many people, no matter what culture, that do not like this… also for the meat-eaters Bocadillo con Jamon (bread roll with cured ham), both good options with coffee or wine to wash them down.

It is quite common for restaurants to open after 7 (earlier than the rest of Spain but for most still a bit late) a regular occurrence and fun social part of Camino is meeting up with Pilgrims you have had a conversation with or passed during the day, you will hear a lot of laughter and stories and possibly share a few of your own. It is during this time of day that bars serve small tapas with your drink the type will vary depending on what region you are in.

Dinner is also a great social part of the Camino with so much variety and an abundance of options in the bigger villages and cities, while in the smaller villages you may have one or two choices. One thing is for certain, you will always see Perrigrinos menu del dia (Pilgrims menu of the day); 3 courses (2 or 3 choices per course) starter, main and dessert. Typically soup, salad and a seasonal local offering for starters. Fish, meat or soup for main and Ice cream, tart or fruit for dessert served with bread, water and usually wine included. Starting at around 12 Euro upward a popular option for many. For the foodies who want to be adventurous and revel in the local cuisine, many local restaurants serve amazing local foods of an exceptional standard and in many regions Michelin Star options. We have a good variety of options researched over the years to share with our clients … Salud! (Cheers)

Amazing local produce is served in Spain