Here is a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) relating to our packages.

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We look forward to the opportunity to support you in realising your dream of walking Camino de Santiago!

Buen Camino!
Bom Caminho!
Bon Chemin!

We have a policy that requires you to pay the balance of your trip 60 days before your start date. This is a general travel time frame to secure your booking and get accommodation. Camino de Santiago is a unique travel destination. Quality accommodation in prime locations is limited. The earlier you book the better chance we have of securing you the best possible rooms on Camino. If you book with us later than 60 days before your start date payment must be made in full. We will then do our absolute best to secure you our usual accommodation options.

As a part of our Terms and Conditions, you are required to have Travel Insurance. Details we require are insurer, policy number and medical emergency telephone number. We collect this information so we can assist you if the need arises.

If you book more than 6 months in advance you can provide us with details closer to the departure date. However, we will not collect your final payment without Insurance details.

Ensure the cover is adequate.

Typically walking a Camino is not considered a high-risk activity however the things that you would look for in your policy are:

  • If you are unable to walk or cycle due to illness or injury.
  • Trip cancellation (if you must cancel before departure due to illness or injury, etc.) and travel disruption (during the trip).
  • Emergency medical assistance.
  • COVID-19 coverage

As a part of our Terms & Conditions, it is a requirement that all Crossroads Travel clients have Travel Insurance.

We do not refund

Where possible we endeavour to support you in any way possible. It’s your responsibility to understand if the Policy you select is appropriate for the type of holiday you are taking. It should cover elements such as cancellation, curtailment, injury, illness, repatriation costs or loss and theft and damage to your property during your holiday with us.

Crossroads Travel is not responsible for any losses or expenses that you incur if you fail to take out appropriate travel insurance.

We are in Spain and available for emergencies while you are on Camino. You will have contact details on your paperwork in your welcome pack. Also in electronic form for you to save to your device before departure. You can contact us with a local sim or by WhatsApp.

Yes, you will. This is a condition that is followed in most of Europe.

After your balance is paid, we send general information and tips on what you will require to enjoy a comfortable Camino.

Trip Information

14 – 21 Days before departure you will receive

  • Final Updated Program
  • Accommodation list with daily contact details
  • Accommodation Maps
  • Crossroads Travel Welcome Pack, at your first accommodation.

You will find locals appreciate it if you try to speak a few words, many of them do not speak English. Learning a few phrases to say thank you, please, yes, no etc. is a nice touch.

You can download a translation app on your phone if all else fails.

Although it is very rare to have a problem the best way to manage this is to address it immediately with accommodation management. Problems can be dealt with in the moment, it is very difficult to resolve problems after the fact. If necessary, please contact Crossroads Travel at the phone numbers provided.

Here is a link for you to look at for a good description of what a Compostela Certificate is and what the significance of gaining a Compostela means.

Crossroads Travel provides our clients with a passport in your Welcome Pack. If you lose it or want another you will find them in many churches or official Camino stores in the main cities. Most of the community Albergues also sell them usually around 2-5€

There are locations all over the Camino to get stamps on your Pilgrims Passport. Make sure you get one at your accommodation each day and then you will see signs in bars, cafes, churches, and food stalls. Remember a minimum of 2 stamps per day when walking the last 100km, and the last 200 km when riding if you want to gain your Compostela Certificate.

You will place your luggage (with tags we provide you) in a location determined by your accommodation each morning at 8 a.m. Your luggage is transported by a company that specializes in this service. When you arrive that afternoon or evening your bags will be waiting for you. The luggage allowance is 1 x 18kg bag French and Portuguese Way, 15kg Le Puy and Del Norte. If you need more, we can discuss it at the time of booking. There are other services for excess luggage storage available or if you want to take more than your allowance you can contract an extra bag.

Many others before you of all levels of fitness and age have completed our packages. Chances are you can do it too. Provided you do not have any serious health issues (please discuss this with us).

If you are not moderately physically fit and establish a training regime to make your Camino more enjoyable. Accept that you may need to have days off or catch transport if you are struggling some days.

On our Guided Camino trips, we are available to support you. If something happens during the day you contact us and we will do our best to treat your injury and help you to complete the day. Obviously, on self-guided trips, you will have to treat your own blisters and rest as needed. You will be provided with emergency contact details in case you are injured. You will always have other Pilgrims to lend a hand when needed for sure!

There are so many options for food on Camino. As a Crossroads Travel client your breakfast is included beyond that you will find endless options for Food on Camino. (Here is a link I wrote on this topic)

There are plenty of options for vegetarians on Camino. It is a little more difficult when you are vegan or have food allergies, although there are villages with the options that you require. There is always a salad to be had and beautiful seasonal vegetables. You may have to eat in restaurants rather than having the pilgrim menu to accommodate your needs.

We recommend you have a message translated into the language of the country you are in so there is no room for mistakes with what you require.

Our clients stay in Casas, Hostales and Hotels, and most of them offer in-house overnight service to do your washing. You also have rest days if you prefer to do it yourself. There are self-serve laundries in those locations.

Not all villages have ATMs we suggest you get cash out when you see one available. We recommend always having at least 50-100€ on you so you don’t get into a pickle and find yourself hungry or needing a taxi in a small village and no cash.

As a Crossroads Travel client, you will have had a good breakfast, so you are going to need money for coffee, drinks, snacks, and lunch throughout the day. Some of our foodie clients stop in beautiful restaurants for lunch, and others pack fruit. The minimum amount of cash we recommend to carry with you is around 50€ and keep your ATM card with you in case of emergencies.

Evening meals can vary from a 15€ Pilgrim Menu to Michelin Star restaurants, the cost is all about your style.

Generally, our packages average between 15 to 25 km per day. This is a big difference however, the Camino is unique in that there are some stages where there are no suitable accommodations available in between. When clients wish to walk short distances, where possible, we secure accommodation outside of Camino that offers a pickup and drop-off service. Returning you to the same location to continue the next day. Therefore, you do not miss any of the walk and you do not have to walk extra km. This is not the usual, we will discuss it with you if this is your case.

Expenses incurred during your stay are not included in your package. Your breakfast is included however bar bills, electronic services, laundry, etc., must be paid for prior to departure from your accommodation. If you are uncertain about anything you can look at the general inclusions list for our packages

There are many benefits to using Walking Poles. Ultimately it is a personal decision. Avid walkers would never leave home without them. Poles provide great support on uneven ground and reduce jarring on knees and ankles on downhill paths. Also good for strengthening the upper body. Our tip, make sure they collapse small enough to fit into your checked-in luggage.

When you are walking all day, it is advisable to take at least 2 litres with you. Water bladders are good as they do not require you to stop and contort yourself to get them out of tight side pockets and the spout is located at your mouth to sip all day. There are lots of water fountains on Camino just be sure the water is drinkable.

SPAIN = POTABLE (drinkable) if the fountain says NON-POTABLE (not drinkable).

PORTUGAL = POTAVEL (drinkable) if the fountain says NAO-POTAVEL (not drinkable)

FRANCE = ET BUVABLE (drinkable) if the fountain says NON BUVABLE (not drinkable)


There are sections of the Camino where sports shoes could be appropriate, however, when you are walking so many km per day it is more about the support hiking shoes offer your feet and legs.

Self-guided packages enable you to have everything organised, yet walk Camino at your own pace and in your own time. We have organised all of the logistics. You simply start each morning when you like, walk to your rhythm and have total freedom to stop wherever you like along the way until you reach your destination for the day.

There are many Camino paths however the main official path is the French Way which starts in the Basque region at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, in the historical town of St Jean Pied de Port in France. The route stretches across Inland Spain for almost 800km to Santiago de Compostela.