Do I need Hiking Shoes

Do I need Hiking shoes

A question our clients ask, and I see asked on the online Camino forums is “Do I need Hiking Shoes”

I am not a foot expert.

If you want a deep and scientific response to this question you need to find an expert that can check your body and inform you of what you need.

I have walked many Caminos.

I have tried wearing different shoes for a practical answer to this question, from sports shoes, hiking sandals, hiking shoes and Hiking Boots. While I carry a pair of Hiking Sandals in my day pack for emergencies, I would have to say if my feet could talk, they would tell you to wear Hiking Shoes or Boots.

The Terrain

There are many different Camino paths and each has difficult sections, some less than others. You are not always on Earth with rocky and uneven surfaces yet the weather can create havoc on paths that look safe. You may for example find slippery surfaces in areas that look flat and predictable, where dampness is hidden. When you are in unsuitable shoes you are a candidate for a fall.

Look after your Soles while nourishing your Soul 😎

One of the main issues with not having the correct style of shoes is the soles. If they are not suitable you end the day with feet that feel bruised because they are not protected enough. Also, the level of support will make a difference in the impact on your ankles and knees.

Know your body

If you are not a seasoned hiker, consider old injuries or any kinks your body may have. Get your shoes fitted and discuss your concerns with an expert who knows what they’re doing.

The images below have been taken on different paths I have walked. I am showing you not to turn you off… but to support you in being prepared.

Buen Camino!
Bom Caminho!
Bon Chemin!