Camino of the heart ❤️

Camino of the heart

Camino of the heart ❤️

One of the great joys I have working closely with clients is hearing their stories and highlights of their experience on Camino. For some, walking the Camino is a very deep, personal process of healing layers of trauma, hurt and grief in their lives. For others, it is a challenge for growth and change.

This is what I call a Camino of the heart ❤️

I feel a great sense of pride

By supporting others on Camino de Santiago to open themselves to the chance to heal, and bury old demons, they then inspire others to do the same. Therefore understanding and knowing ourselves develops compassion and understanding of others. Leading to a more connected and caring world.

Marks Story (with his blessing)

Mark plucked up the courage to walk Camino de Santiago, carrying with him the grief and sadness of the loss of his wife, one of my treasured girlfriends, who very suddenly and unexpectedly in 2018 left this world behind. I asked Mark if he would write a review for Crossroads Travel to share on our website. What I received is so much more. I was left speechless and know others will find his words touching and inspiring.


When I was planning my Camino and thinking about my journey…each step, one foot in front of the next, day by day, seemed like it would be easy enough… so a trip was planned with expert help from Jennifer at Crossroads Travel and off I went.

What I never took into account was that each step was an opportunity for my soul to chip away years of stress and grief and obligation to finally let light shine again on my heart…and allow love to wrap its arms around me and tell me…it’s all OK.

I never took into account the beautiful souls I would meet nor the opportunity to share time, emotions, purpose and indeed the most precious thing of all…friendship with people I would never have met except there, on Camino!

This message is too short to share all I wish to but if our paths ever cross, and you’ve given yourself the gift of walking the Path, we will have lots to share.

The attached photo is special to me as I’d risen early and it gave me the first real sense that ahead lay my goal but right where I stood was my destiny.

Mark White

Buen Camino!