Camino Magic

Camino Magic
If you don’t believe in Magic you may not be the person to read this post

While walking Camino I always set an Intention and aim to trust my intuition to guide me along the way.

For the most part, I follow the guidance of my Intuition, however recently I have been questioning everything. My head is very good at getting the better of me from time to time. I was having a little meltdown (past Pilgrims understand) for those of you yet to walk Camino these are usually moments of release. Grief, realisation, clarity, or sometimes sheer frustration among many other reasons.

Fear led to this Camino Magic Moment.

During my meltdown, a dear friend Judith who had recently passed, and my Mother, also passed came flooding into my mind. The thought of how they would love to be alive, to feel. At that moment I felt angry for being selfish.

I asked out loud, Ok you two if everything is on track then I want a sign!!

What to ask for?

As I looked at the distance the thought of a heart-shaped cloud sprung to mind. No two! I ordered, if I should continue on this path of trusting my Intuition and believing in Magic I want two heart clouds sitting side by side in the sky, one each … ha!  If you can even hear me I am sure you can manage that!

I then desperately spent the day looking for hearts.

Phone in hand capturing hundreds of photos of clouds… I finally arrived at my hotel defeated.

Then the relentless monkey began, why did I ask for 2 hearts, why not 1, maybe that would have been easier. I caught myself and realised I had to relax and let go. After a shower, rest, and a beautiful meal with some of our newly-found Camino family, I forgot all about the clouds. At 10.30 pm we walked out into the street to witness a beautiful sunset. My partner suggested we walk to a field at the end of the street to witness the full beauty of it.

With my camera in hand, I began to click away.

I laughed then cried … right before my eyes were the two heart clouds, side by side in the sky!

Camino Magic
So you can see them
Trust just Trust …  I heard them say!

Just what I needed to hear to keep me on track and it tied in beautifully with my Camino Intention.

I love the way the Camino surprises me and never fails me even if I don’t like the way it delivers.

Buen Camino!


“Love and magic have a great deal in common… They enrich the soul, delight the heart, and they both take practice.”

– Nora Roberts