Camino Magic


If you don’t believe in Magic you may not be the person to read this post

While walking Camino I always set an Intention and aim to trust my intuition to guide me along the way.

On this day I was having a little meltdown (past Pilgrims know only too well what I am talking about) for those of you yet to walk Camino these are usually moments of release, grief, realisation, clarity or sometimes sheer frustration among many other reasons, for me frustration led to this Camino Magic Moment.

I was feeling frustrated with myself, berating myself for everything, mainly for not being GOOD ENOUGH  …        (this later became a puzzle piece to the answer of my Intention) As I sobbed along the way the thought came to me of Judith a dear friend of mine who had recently passed (way too early only a few years older than me) and my Mother who has also passed. I thought how they would probably love to be here,  to have this moment, to be alive, to feel,  to be walking alongside me on Camino de Santiago.

I could not shake the thought of both of them and was having a conversation to “myself” when I yelled out to them OK you two if what I am doing, where I am heading and everything in between is on track …  then I want a sign!!

Hmmm, what could I ask for??

Hmmm  …  GOT IT … I want 2 heart clouds, yes you heard! two, sitting side by side in the sky …  ha! If I should continue on this path of trusting my Intuition and believing in Magic  …  if you can even hear me …  I am sure you can manage that!!

I spent the rest of the day with my phone in hand desperately looking for the moment .. I took hundreds of photos of clouds that day :))

Is that a heart hiding behind that other big cloud???

I was desperately looking for them … all day and NOTHING.

I arrived at my hotel defeated … I was annoyed that I asked for 2 hearts, why not 1 maybe that would have been easier  … I told myself to relax and let go … After having a shower and resting I headed out to dinner with my Partner forgetting about clouds. We had a beautiful meal with some of our newly found Camino family, then around 10.30 pm walked out into the street to witness a beautiful sunset, my partner suggested we walk to a field at the end of the street to capture the beauty of the moment.

I had completely forgotten about my cloud demand :))

With camera in hand, I began to click away to capture the colours

I laughed then cried … right before my eyes were the two heart clouds, just as I requested, side by side in the sky!

Trust just Trust ..  I heard them say!

Thankyou Camino Magic!

Trust just Trust!

Buen Camino!!!