La Virgen de Biakorri

La Virgen de Biakorri

la Virgen de Biakorri

Echoes of the past are felt from the first moment when arriving in St Jean Pied de Port. The first village of the most famous stretch of Camino de Santiago.  A Pilgrimage rich with history, culture, legends and lore.

Day one of this path is spent climbing the Pyrenees Mountains. Sheep grazing and cowbell ringing will transport you to another reality. Despite the effort needed to climb… it will be the views that leave you breathless.

For me, however, the treat was at the halfway point where to the left just off the path I unknowingly found la Virgen de Biakorri. The first of many symbolic sites to witness on Camino de Santiago.

la Virgen de Biakorri is known as patroness and protector of shepherds, their pastures, and all who cross the mountain. Legend says local shepherds bought her from Lourdes and placed her on a rocky ridge where she proudly watches over the mountain pass.

Take a moment to visit her, perhaps say a prayer for your Camino Intention. Thank her for her protection as you continue on your way.

Keep a lookout for her though as the mountain pass can quite often be under a sea of fog and she can be easily missed.

Buen Camino!