Call to walk Camino de Santiago

Call to walk Camino de Santiago

Once you hear of Camino de Santiago you will surely meet Pilgrims who will tell you their story of taking the call to walk Camino de Santiago, a network of Camino paths known to inspire change, awaken the senses and enliven the spirit. Perhaps you are one of the many people waiting for the right time. Or to pluck up the courage to go. After all, walking a Camino requires getting out of your comfort zone and embarking on an adventure on foot. I was called to walk the “French Way” an almost  800 km Pilgrimage across Spain following yellow arrows and shells.

My story…

Before walking Camino de Santiago I had the feeling no matter what I did, I was swimming upstream. 

My intuition was prompting me to travel yet the “let’s be practical”, “You are not getting any younger” and “You are a Nanna now”, amongst many others were winning.

Rewind several years

27 years of marriage had ended, and I was working and living comfortably. One day, the realisation I was a year older than I thought had me selling my home and giving away most of my possessions. I then ventured off on a nomadic solo travel Adventure around the world. 

Time to settle down

I returned for the birth of my first grandson, and soon after my second grandson was born. I decided to find myself a new home and settle down.

Studying became my new adventure. I completed; an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, a Certificate in Shamanic practice, and a Certificate 4 in training and assessment. I began holding one-on-one Art therapy sessions, workshops, and women’s circles. Everything was going to plan, I was connecting with women in the therapeutic field and setting up my new business.

The problem was nothing felt right.
call to walk camino de santiago
Call out for help…

I asked spirit (call it what fits for you) for guidance.
I ask for answers in my dreams. Asking for a clear sign, travel, or continue on my current path. That night I dreamt I was buying a ticket to Thailand.

Trust the answer

I booked a retreat in Thailand, purchased some boxes, and started packing up my life again. Despite my monkey mind relentlessly reminding me of my stupidity, and with ever-present doubt and fear… I had a sense of calm.

The Signs

Monday morning Irena called “I have to deliver a book to you today, I am coming past to drop it off” The book was; The Camino by Shirley MacLaine.

Camino de Santiago was a vague memory of a film I had watched called “The Way”. However, an 800 km Pilgrimage on the “French Way” was not on my radar. I walk everywhere when travelling. Yet at home, the corner store and back was about it.

The following Wednesday, while waiting to have my purchase wrapped at a bookstore a woman walked in and asked if they had any books on Camino de Santiago. She looked directly at me and said “I am going to make a dream of mine come true and walk the French Way on Camino de Santiago.

Now I am paying attention

Attending a funeral on Friday, I asked my friend why the funeral had been delayed. Her reply was, “Can you believe I had just arrived in Spain to wait for my partner to finish walking Camino de Santiago!!”

I had to hold back the tears. I knew at that moment my travel plans had just turned into a calling to walk Camino de Santiago.

Immediately I began researching what was in front of me.

As often happens when you make clear decisions in life doors flung open. The right equipment and support found their way to me effortlessly. Not fully understanding what was ahead of me, off I went.

Camino de Santiago here I come!!!

Call to walk Camino de Santiago call to walk Camino de Santiago

On reflection

I was thinking I had been a little hasty in taking my dream literally. I could have just gone to Camino… However, the retreat prepared me emotionally and physically. The best surprise was my first client to walk the Full French Camino was an Australian woman I met at the retreat… no mistakes ever.

Trust the call…

Walking Camino de Santiago was the most inspiring and healing adventure of my life. Crossroads Travel was born into this world from a dream I had on my Camino… of running women’s groups and supporting others to step out of their comfort zones and walk Camino de Santiago. I truly believe walking Camino de Santiago is a great starting point to begin to heal, grow, and live the best version of yourself. 

My Camino blessings

Among many layers of healing, after 14 years of being a single woman, I met an incredible man on Camino. He also has a passion for Camino de Santiago and lovingly supports me, in supporting others, on Camino de Santiago. And I now live in Spain!! 

You never know what is waiting for you behind the closed doors of your life until you rise above limitation and fear, and allow those doors to be flung open and add ADVENTURE and new colours into your life. 

Buen Camino 

“Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered…”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés